Women’s Health Clinic

As a woman it is of the importance to flow; to flow freely and naturally. For your mind, body and spirit to connect to the and flows of your natural environment.

The Dao Health has a particular passion for supporting Women and their families. Following an integrative model of care, all practitioners at The Dao Health practice evidence based Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture with an emphasis on education and awareness to support Women through all life chapters from Menarche, Menstrual Cycle conditions, Preconception care, Fertility support unassisted and assisted and Pregnancy through to Menopause. Practising in an integrative setting, we encourage patient centred care by supporting effective communication between the patient’s healthcare team with their consent.

Explore the links below for more information on how Traditional Chinese Medicine can be used to support women through each transitional stage of their life.

Cycle Support Acupuncture

Cycle Support

Menstrual cycle support begins with educating each patient about the phases of their menstrual cycle including not only the period of bleeding but also the main event, Ovulation.

Amenorrhea Acupuncture Treatment


Amenorrhea, defined by the absence of a period for a minimum of three months, can be supported to return to a regular cycle with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Acupuncture is an evidence based treatment for PCOS that can be considered to improve quality of life to manage symptoms including supporting Ovulation and a regular monthly cycle.


Traditional Chinese Medicine methods including Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine provide a low risk and evidence based treatment for Endometriosis management.
Clarice practicing Acupuncture

Post Pill Support

Treatment ideally begins 3 months before coming off the OCP. At a minimum, we recommend patients to begin treatment 1 month before intending to come off the OCP.

Sperm & Eggs

Fertility Acupuncture

Acupuncture for fertility supports the cycle by encouraging regular Ovulation leading to a regular menstrual cycle of 28 – 35 days with a healthy bleed.

Elizabeth practicing Acupuncture

IVF Acupuncture

Acupuncture for fertility and IVF support ideally begins before your first stimulated IVF cycle although Acupuncture treatment can begin at any stage of your assisted reproduction journey.
Pregnancy Acupuncture

Pregnancy Acupuncture

Acupuncture can be safely used as an option for drug – free relief for various signs and symptoms from Trimester One through to Trimester Three into childbirth and postpartum support.
Prelabour Acupuncture

Labour Preparation and Induction Acupuncture

Specific prebirth treatments are used in the form of a standard set of points to help prepare a woman’s body for birth with an emphasis on preparing and ripening the cervix & uterus.
Miscarriage Recovery and Support

Miscarriage Recovery

Miscarriage acupuncture treatment and Chinese Herbal Medicine can be used to support the mind and body during this time as well as prepare the body to begin trying to conceive again.

Postpartum Support Dao Health

Postpartum Support Acupuncture

Planning ahead for the fourth trimester not only supports postpartum recovery but also the future menstrual cycle, fertility, future pregnancies and menopause.



Traditional Chinese Medicine including Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine offers a natural treatment option to support the frequency and severity of Menopausal and Peri - Menopausal symptoms.

Digestion Dao Health


Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture treatments can improve digestive function through supporting the Spleen and Stomach meridians.

Skin Conditions Dao Health

Skin Conditions

Our perspective on supporting skin conditions is to heal the skin from the inside out. Practising integrative skincare, in consultation, our practitioners will consider the internal body as well as the skin.

Period Pain Community Acupuncture Clinic

Period Pain & Pins Acupuncture Community Clinic

Our community clinic will offer Acupuncture for people who experience Period Pain, Pelvic Pain and/or Endometriosis at an accessible fee. Patients will receive treatment in a group setting, similar to how Acupuncture is used traditionally in China.