The Integrative Health Network

My health is my community’s health and my community’s health is my health.

The Dao Health established the cooperative initiative The Integrative Health Network in an effort to bring together likeminded Medical and Allied Health professionals to understand all practices for the purpose of patient shared care.

From our experience, with permission from the patient, practitioners can better support a patient’s health outcomes by cooperating and communicating together to achieve the same goal.

The Dao Health hosts a Wednesday weekly in-service and encourages using this time as an educational platform for local health practitioners to inform other practitioners about their services, as well as offering information on how Traditional Chinese Medicine plays a role as a primary healthcare option for patients.

By highlighting the benefits of integrative shared care, our objective is to expand the boundaries of healthcare for our patients to comfortably experience both conventional medicine and encompass the scientific foundations built for Traditional Chinese Medicine.

As a result of the cohesive partnership of knowledge, Traditional Chinese Medicine can be used as complementary medicine to improve the functional status of patients and to provide a range of validated treatment options.

As practitioners, we strive to support the patient in the restoration and management of their health. This integrated approach not only encourages unity of patient care and support but also inspires community connectedness as practitioners have the opportunity to work together.

For practitioners who wish to learn more about this shared care initiative or an in-service, please contact using the button below.