Postpartum Support Acupuncture

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the first month after giving birth is crucial to the immediate and future health of both mother and baby. A time to rest, recuperate, and be supported. Planning ahead for the fourth trimester not only supports postpartum recovery but also the future menstrual cycle, fertility, future pregnancies and menopause.

The practice is traditionally known as ‘sitting the month’. Originally, sitting for a month was what a mother in China would do. She would be confined inside her home, away from the wind and cold, limiting socialising and encouraged to rest. The mother would be supported 24 hours a day with meals, massage, and abundant support with the baby. Surveillance that the mother would be following these guidelines would be by her mother or mother-in-law to ensure her recovery and future longevity. Sitting the month is still encouraged culturally in China with fourth trimesters in China available in a confinement hotel.

As all great traditions, they tend to evolve with the times although it is exciting to see that now in Western culture, now commonly referred to as ‘the fourth trimester’ is being encompassed and implemented in a mother’s recovery from pregnancy.

As mentioned, the idea of support, rest, and a specific diet is of paramount importance for a woman’s postpartum recovery.

Acupuncture treatment in the Postpartum period is used to rebalance the mother’s body and support recovery to nourish blood productivity, milk supply and support mood. In an Initial Postpartum consultation, we encourage mothers to come into the clinic for treatment within the first 7 – 10 days postpartum and your birth partner and baby are welcome. Depending on the type of birth you have had, the mother warming technique may also be used.

It is important to note that Postpartum treatment will differ for patient’s depending on the type of birth the mother has experienced and treatments are specifically tailored for the individual and their birth.

Treatment frequency for postpartum support

Within the first 7-10 days of postpartum for your initial postpartum appointment, your support person and baby are welcome to the appointment. We recommend mothers to come to the series of Initial Labour Preparation appointments beginning at 36 weeks where we provide education about how to prepare for the fourth trimester.

Which appointment type should I book in for?

We recommend booking in an Initial Postpartum consultation and treatment if you are within the first forty days post birth.