What is moxa therapy?

Moxibustion, often called ‘Moxa’ is a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique in which the Herb Mugwort is burnt close to the proximity of the body.

At The Dao Health, we use two forms of smokeless Moxa therapy which is a combination of Mugwort and charcoal. The two forms we use in the clinic are Moxa caps and Moxa sticks. Moxa caps are placed on top of specific Acupuncture needles in your treatments which creates a warming function to the needle and feels comforting. Depending on the reasons for treatment, the practitioners at The Dao Health will often teach patients how to use a Moxa stick for home use for symptom relief.

Moxibustion benefits

There are a range of conditions that benefit from the use of Moxibustion which stimulates the flow of Qi and blood in the body.

Moxibustion is effective for relief of gynaecological issues. Moxibustion is often used in Women’s Health Acupuncture treatments at The Dao Health and the location of the Moxa caps will differ depending on which phase of the cycle the patient is currently in. Research has shown evidence that Mugwort has emmenagogic properties which accelerate the flow of the blood in the pelvis and uterus area.

What can moxibustion be used to treat?

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