Integrating Chinese Medicine Podcast

In 2020 Georgia and Elizabeth created the Integrating Chinese Medicine Podcast to provide an educational platform for listeners to integrate Eastern practices and philosophy into their daily life. Through discussing all facets of Conventional and Chinese Medicine, listeners can begin to become advocates of their own health.

Why did we begin the podcast?

We began the podcast as a way to access audibly an educational platform that unpacks the mysteries and unknowns of Traditional Chinese Medicine. By doing so, we aim to raise awareness of Chinese Medicine so that is can be considered as a primary source of health care to complement Conventional Medicine.

Who is the podcast for?

For anyone to who would like to delve deeper into Complementary Medicine and isn’t sure where to start. The phrase ‘Integrative Medicine’ can be daunting, and we are here to make this approachable, comfortable and realistic.

Who do we interview?

One of our principal values at The Dao Health is ‘Integrative: Committed heart and mind’. Our treatment focus practicing is the optimal outcome for the patient and their health. This can mean more than one practitioner supporting a patient and this is where shared comes in.

We enjoy interviewing like-minded health and medical practitioners who share the same values as us to share their wealth of knowledge and information in their field.

DISCLAIMER: All information in the Podcast Integrating Chinese Medicine with The Dao Health is for educational purposes and was relevant at the time of recording. We recommend for any individual symptoms, personalised diagnosis and treatment to see a registered health practitioner.

Integrating Chinese Medicine Co Hosts Elizabeth and Georgia