Vedic Meditation

Vedic Meditation

16 November, 2021

The Dao Does…Vedic Meditation

Recently, I have had to opportunity to do a course and explore the therapeutic benefits of Vedic meditation. Vedic meditation is a style of meditation where a person meditates on a mantra for 20 mins in silence, twice daily. This style of meditation allows one to access a deep state of stillness and quieter space of consciousnesses.

Also known as transcendental meditation, this technique has been practiced for thousands of years, dating back originally to India and has spread across the world to people seeking silence and relaxation for their physical and emotional well-being in this hard and fast life that we live in.

Personally, I have found integrating these meditations into my lifestyle incredibly rewarding. Putting this time aside twice daily to take awareness away from my racing mind and consciously taking time to pause has begun to shift my everyday thought processes and conscious decision-making.

I believe Vedic Meditation to be beneficial for everyone and highly recommend for anyone interested in exploring and deepening their meditation practice. There are no prerequisites to learning this style of meditation and can be practiced by someone who has never had any experience with meditation or someone who is a seasoned meditator.

By Georgia Fong