Drawing Room Rocks

Drawing Room Rocks

3 December, 2021

The Dao Does… Drawing Room Rocks

As a born and bred South Coast local, I have walked many picturesque nature walks that have to be shared. One of my favourites is just outside of Berry, 2hrs south of Sydney, called Drawing Room Rocks.

Either early before sunrise, during a fine day, or towards sunset, this walk will show off all the views. It’s about a 4.5km hike (return) with gradual inclines that weave through the rocks and trees. It is suitable for all ages, but the little ones may get a little tired on the way up. Some people like to take a small picnic to enjoy whilst admiring the views. The South Coast locals call it ‘Tables and Chairs’ as the rock formations at the top look like little chairs with some flatter ones around as tables. If you are daring, some people sit in the rock like a chair with their feet over the edge… not for me!

If you have visited the clinic, I am sure one of our practitioners has suggested doing some walks in nature as a part of your self-care routine. Check out one of our posts about the benefits of Forest Bathing, and how walking amongst the trees & the bush can be calming and restorative activity.

Regular walks in the bush or other natural settings can decrease the body’s level of cortisol and stress response. Research shows that just 20mins in nature can decrease cortisol levels by 13.4%. This allows us to enter the parasympathetic nervous system state of ‘rest & digest’, rather than ‘fight or flight’ state.

If you are around the area or heading down the South Coast post-lockdown, it’s a perfect walk in nature that doesn’t take up too much of your day (plus the views are amazing on a good day!).

By Molly Burton