Feminist Wellness Podcast

Feminist Wellness Podcast

1 February, 2022

The Dao Listens… Feminist Wellness Podcast

In June of 2020, amidst one of many lockdowns; the gyms were still closed, and walking was my new outlet, but more specifically walking and listening to bucket-loads of podcasts.

I found myself in search of a new podcast to listen to; something that wasn’t too scientific or heavy and something that was both meditative and educational; I definitely made it hard for myself! I came across a perfect podcast on Spotify called, “Feminist Wellness” by Victoria Albina.

Now, don’t let the name put you off, it is much more than what the title of the show alludes to. Victoria Albina speaks to you like that ‘cool aunty’ every family has, not only does she speak about a plethora of topics related to functional medicine, self-care, anxiety, setting boundaries, perfectionism, co-dependency, and people-pleasing, but she also educates you on how to deal with your humanness through science and with an uber-cool, meditative voice.

I will warn you though, she will often use endearing pet names like, ‘My Darling’ and ‘My Love’ but just go with it…There are over #100 episodes to listen to and she can be found on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, so chuck on those walking shoes, pop in your headphones, and get ready to be happily surprised with this little podcast gem.

By Clarice Berry