How to choose the right prenatal

How to choose the right prenatal ~

26 October, 2022

The Dao Does … How to choose the right Prenatal ~

When deciding to take a Prenatal supplement for Preconception, Pregnancy, and Postpartum the choices can be overwhelming and it is often a misconception that all Prenatal supplements offer the same support for you and your growing baby throughout each stage.


When should I begin taking a Prenatal?

A minimum of three months before being open to conceiving is an ideal time for you to begin to take your Prenatal. If possible, I recommend beginning a Prenatal supplement within the year of being open to conceiving for your body to prepare. If you are in a Heterosexual relationship I recommend that your partner also takes a Male Preconception multi at least 3 months from when you are both open to conceiving. Spermatogenesis occurs every 72- 90 days so this is an important time for extra support for Sperm Health.


When should I stop taking a Prenatal?

You should continue to take your Prenatal throughout your Postpartum period for a minimum of 6 months after giving birth to support your body.

If deciding to Breastfeed, you should continue your Prenatal supplement until after weening and stopping feeding completely. Remember, as you give nutrients to your child, you also need to be supported as your nutrient requirements whilst breastfeeding are higher than during pregnancy.


What should I look for in a Prenatal? 

The aim of a Prenatal supplement is to prepare the body for pregnancy, support healthy foetal growth and development, and a healthy pregnancy.

Not all Prenatal Supplements are the same and there are important vitamins and nutrients to look out for when deciding on a prenatal. It is important to note that reading the literature can be confusing due to misinformation and dated medical guidelines.

Folate is known as the key ingredient when it comes to a prenatal for growing a healthy baby and for its ability to prevent neural tube defects. It is of the utmost importance for absorption that you consider the type of Folate in your chosen Prenatal formula.


Folic acid is often the type of Folate used in over-the-counter Prenatal supplements found at your chemist and is the synthetic form of Folate which is metabolised and absorbed poorly by the body. In contrast, Folinic acid and Methylfolate (5MTHF) are two forms of Vitamin B9 which are active forms of Folate synthesised by the body from dietary folate and available in supplement form. Both Folinic acid and Methylfolate (5MTHF) are forms of Folate that the body can absorb efficiently.

Other key nutrients to look for in your prenatal are Iodine, Choline, CoQ10, Iron, Vitamin D, and Zinc.


Should I take additional supplements other than a Prenatal from Preconception to Postpartum?

This depends on the individual and their personal health needs. Working with a healthcare professional who is trained in Women’s Health and Prenatal care is recommended throughout this chapter of your life to support what supplements you need as an individual. Your personal supplement protocol should be tailored from your pathology tests, dietary habits, and any genetic factors that may affect absorption.


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By Elizabeth Cullen


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