In Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) the first month after giving birth is crucial to the immediate and future health of both mother and baby. A time to rest, recuperate and be supported. 

The practice is traditionally known as “sitting the month”. Originally, sitting for a month was literally what the mother would do. She would be confined inside her home, away from the wind and cold, away from people and made to rest. She would be waited on with 5-meals per day, massaged, helped with the baby, supported around the clock, commonly under strict control from her mother or mother-in-law. All of this aimed to ensure her future longevity and is still believed that without “sitting the month” negative consequences are expected. 

As with all great traditions they tend to evolve with the times. The idea of support, rest and specific diet is still of paramount importance for a woman’s postpartum body today.

IDEAL TREATMENT:  Within the first 10days of postpartum, fortnightly within the first 3 months and monthly thereafter.   


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  • The first forty days by Heng Ou
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