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Are you Drinking Consciously? ~

30 June, 2022

The Dao Does… Drinking Consciously

Often in the clinic, I recommend patients cut down on their alcohol intake, and often this habit is one of the most difficult to change. I am passionate about the movement of mindful drinking and reducing alcohol consumption as a lifestyle change rather than a month of sobriety and returning to previous habits.

Reducing or cutting out alcohol can be difficult due to social pressures in a culture that so readily welcomes drinking as part of a daily or weekly habit. Culturally this needs to be challenged and we need to ask ourselves –  Would life be better if I reduced my alcohol consumption? 

Whether you have been curious to minimise your drinking to support your health, focus, and productivity or, you are supporting your menstrual cycle and hormones, planning to conceive, or currently going through fertility treatment the below resources are a great way to delve into a life of drinking mindfully and instead, enjoying fresh weekend mornings doing what you love.


The Dao Reads…

~ Sober Curious by Ruby Warrington


Warrington’s book Sober Curious challenges the reader to revaluate alcohol as the social drug of choice and demonstrates how alcohol can be the thief of joy, inspiration, and confidence which can only be generated within. I recommend this book as a practical guide to begin your journey of challenging your beliefs about alcohol and social dependency.


The Dao Drinks…

In the past, the alternatives to alcohol have been less than desirable although now there is a range of great substitutes including:

~ Non Wine https://www.non.world/ –  I recommend No.2 & 3!

~ Heaps Normal Beer https://heapsnormal.com/collections/beer

~ Remedy Kombucha https://www.remedydrinks.com/au

If these options are not available to you, refreshing soda water, ice and lime can be a cost-effective option and also pass for a spirit. Another tip is to drink from a wine glass rather than a tumbler.


The Dao Does…

By finding a rewarding way to relax after a big day as a substitute for a glass of wine can be an effective way to have a week of AFD’s (Alcohol-Free Days).

This can include:

~ A Meditation with Sarah Blondin on Insight Timer https://insighttimer.com/en-au

~ Gentle movement including Yin Yoga or a walk around the block

~ Cooking a delicious new meal

~ A warm cup of tea or bone broth


If alcohol is a problem for you, harming you or someone you know, it may be time to seek advice from a professional.

Please see the list of support services from DrinkWise. For further support https://drinkwise.org.au/drinking-and-you/support-services/#



By Elizabeth Cullen