As a woman it is of the upmost importance to flow; to flow freely and naturally. For your mind, body and spirit to connect to the ebs and flows of your natural environment. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, integrative treatment aims to help you return to your natural flow and in turn support the menstrual cycle and associated symptoms such as menstrual pain, bloating and headaches. By treating ailments and supporting the menstrual cycle the period can become a non-event instead of a time dreaded monthly.

Explore the links below for more information on how Traditional Chinese Medicine can be used to support women through each transitional stage of their life.


The Dao Health 2022 Covid 19 Update ~

To ensure our patients & team's safety we will require all patients to have a Rapid Antigen Test at no cost provided by the clinic prior to entering.

We ask all patients to please continue to wear a mask.

We thank you for your understanding.