In Traditional Chinese Medicine optimal health is seen where there is balance within the environment of the body. The skin and connective tissue conditions are no different, like every part of our body the skin needs adequate circulation and moisture.

The skin is the largest organ body and internal imbalances in the organs of the body can result in skin conditions. This highlights the need to consider the entire bodies constitution both internal and external when a patient is experiencing on skin symptoms.

In treatment at The Dao Health, we use Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicines and topical herbal ointments, creams and tinctures to repair the skin lesions as well as support the underlying internal condition. When treating the root of the condition being the internal body, the branch being the skin symptoms are supported.



Acne Vulgaris from a Chinese medicine perspective is caused by heat or damp heat depending on how the skin lesions present as well as poor elimination of the skin. The heat may be caused by poor diet leading to poor digestion, stress, overwork or dysfunction through adolescence.

Acne Rosacea from a Chinese medicine perspective is caused by a number of factors including heat, not enough yin and aggregative factors such as anxiety.

We treat both types of Acne by clearing the heat and supporting the underlying condition by treating the body as a whole through the use of Acupuncture, Cosmetic Acupuncture for scarring, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Chinese Dietary Therapy.

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Eczema (Atopic dermatitis) from a Chinese medicine perspective is seen to be an inherited disposition to the disease however also needs a pathogen that got into the body and has never been cleared. A “Lingering pathogen”, this sort of pathogen is usually contracted in early childhood and becomes stuck.

Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment involves Acupuncture, Chinese Dietary Therapy, Topical herbal creams and Chinese Herbal Medicine to relieve the signs and symptoms including itching, flaking, pustules and redness. It is important to treat at a constitutional level as well to support the immune system (Lung) and digestive system (Spleen).

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From a Chinese medicine, perspective Psoriasis is caused by excess heat that causes dryness and stasis of the blood leading to symptoms of raised and roughened areas of skin covered with scales.

Treatment includes treating the internal body by improving circulation to clear nourishing the blood either by improving circulation or clearing heat and stagnation to relieve symptoms. At The Dao Health, we use topical herbal creams to relieve patches of Psoriasis as well as treating the body with Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese Dietary Therapy.

The Dao Health August 2022 Clinic Update ~

With the recent outbreak of Covid-19, we now recommend wearing a mask to your appointment and when visiting The Dao Health.

We thank you for your understanding. Stay safe!