The Dao Health Rose Quartz Gua Sha


The practice of Gua Gha originates from Traditional Chinese medicine. The Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial tool is a traditional fish tail shape which allows the user to target small areas and difficult facial angles. Gua Sha practices supports the skin’s complexion by increasing circulation of blood flow and Qi to the local area through firm massage. This supports facial tone and a reduction of fine lines when applied daily.

The Gua Sha tool can also be used on the body to support circulation with upwards, firm strokes.


How to use:
After cleansing, use a gentle facial oil on the skin and tool. On an angle, apply a firm pressure to the tool on the face. Begin from the chin with the fish tail end and move from the chin towards the ear. From there, use the angle of the side of the tool to gently glide upwards with a firm pressure, going with the muscle. Use the fish tail end again around the cheek bones and eyebrow ridge. Finally, use the longer side of the tool on the forehead with firm upward stroke. After using the Gua Sha, you should feel a warmth to the skin and see a light pink colour in the skin.

We recommend keeping your Gua sha in the box in between use, as it can break if dropped.
Wash with mild soap and water after use.