• How do I book an appointment?

    To book an initial consultation and acupuncture treatment, initial women’s health treatment, labour preparation or cosmetic acupuncture treatment, please call the Caringbah clinic or the Paddington clinic.

    The Dao Health Caringbah
    M: 0403 447 077
    E: information@thedaohealth.com.au

    The Dao Health Paddington
    M: 0434 263 364
    E: informationpaddington@thedaohealth.com.au

    To book a subsequent consultation and acupuncture treatment, please call the clinic, alternatively, you may book online here: https://thedaohealth.com.au/appointments/ You will receive a confirmation email and text message reminder before your appointment. If you have booked an initial appointment, you will receive two new patient forms in the introductory email, to be filled out prior to your consultation.

  • What can I expect from my initial appointment?

    Your initial appointment is 2hrs in duration. For the first hour we comprehensively discuss all aspects of your overall health. For the second hour you will be receiving an acupuncture treatment having anywhere between 10-15 needles in your body. Moxibustion, a warming technique but also be used in this treatment. Small moxa caps are placed on the top of a number of selected needles which will add warmth to the body. We also issue any recommended dietary and lifestyle advice as well as supplements and herbal medicine where needed.

  • What do I bring to my initial appointment?

    Here at The Dao Health our treatments are guided by the principles of integrative medicine and we like to collaborate care with our patient’s local GPs and allied health practitioner. If you have any recent pathology reports, or other reports relevant to your condition please bring these along with you.

  • How long do the treatments go for?

    • Initial Consultation and Acupuncture Treatment – 2hrs
    • Initial Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment – 1.5hrs
    • Initial Labour Prep Treatment – 1.5hrs
    • Initial Post-Partum Treatment – 1.5hrs
    • All Subsequent Consultation and Acupuncture Treatments – 1hr

  • How often do I need to come in?

    The effects of acupuncture are accumulative. At The Dao Health we recommend weekly appointments for the first four weeks. We then review and schedule appointments as necessary.

  • What does acupuncture do?

    Very fine stainless-steel, one use needles are inserted into acupuncture points located along 12 different channels on the body corresponding to an organ. The needle stimulates actions within the organ system to aid the body in rebalancing any deficiencies or excesses. This allows Qi and Blood to move freely through the body to allow for optimum health and healing.

  • Do the needles hurt?

    The insertion of very fine acupuncture needles endeavours to be as painless as possible. Patients often feel a slight pinch, and after a dull heavy feeling or a tingle. Sensitivities differ at all parts of the body and for each individual.

  • How long are the needles left in for?

    The acupuncture needles are left for approximately 25-30mins.

  • Do I need to eat before my treatment?

    We encourage you to have a small meal prior to your treatment, at least half an hour before.

  • Do you treat males?

    Yes, at The Dao Health we treat an array of conditions with several different modalities. This can be beneficial for all individuals.

  • Do you treat children?

    Yes, at The Dao Health we do treat children, however, please phone the clinic to check whether the condition would be suitable for treatment.

  • Is Acupuncture the same as Dry Needling?

    Dry Needling involves needling into trigger points within a muscle to exert strong stimulation and a quick response. Dry Needling focuses on the problematic area alone, whereas Acupuncture views the body wholistic needling into acupuncture points along the meridians.

  • Do you have to have an injury or problem to book in an appointment?

    No, at The Dao Health we reinforce the significance of symptom resolution and prevention, in order to suppress the continuity of health conditions and ensure health recovery rather than toleration and symptomatic care.

  • Do you use herbs and supplements as part of your treatment protocols?

    Yes, depending on the presenting condition we like to combine both Acupuncture and herbal medicine to achieve the best results.

  • Do I need a referral from my GP?

    No, although we do work closely with an array of health professionals.

  • Can I claim your services on my private health fund?

    Yes, The Dao Health widely accepts all major private health funds in which you can claim on payment.

  • COVID-19 UPDATE - We remain open as an essential service for patients who require immediate care, during Greater Sydney's lockdown.