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To conceive the female body needs and wants to be in optimal health to support the needs of and house a new life. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine work in unison to nourish the female body and to prepare the body for conception.

Preconception care consists of regular treatment for ideally three months before trying to fall pregnant.

Treatment supports:

~ A regular menstrual cycle

~ Menstrual cycle education

~ Increased Cervical mucus for Ovulation

~ Egg quality ( this takes 90 – 120 days i.e. the ideal time for Preconception care)

~ Endometrial lining

IDEAL TREATMENT FOR CONCEPTION: 6 months without an established cycle or coming off contraception such as the Oral Contraceptive Pill and 3 months with an established cycle. Preconception care can begin at any stage of a female’s fertility journey. 



In reproductive health and fertility, male factors play a 40% role in conception, therefore an emphasis on Preconception care for the Male partner by considering the lifestyle factors that can affect sperm health is imperative. One critical aspect that can often be overlooked when trying to conceive is the importance of sperm quality. Luckily for Males, sperm regenerates completely every 72 – 90 days. Small changes to the environment including diet, adding a quality paternal preconception supplement,  reduction of alcohol consumption and smoking have a profound effect on sperm health and therefore on conception.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine are effective in treating sperm disorders. It takes two to tango.


The assisted reproduction journey can be a time where a woman and her partner are under heightened stress. Practitioners at The Dao Health use acupuncture to provide integrated support throughout the process of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).

Acupuncture is a useful tool to support a woman or man undergoing a drug-stimulated cycle.



Acupuncture and herbal medicine have been shown to improve overall outcomes of IVF as well as helping to decrease stress and anxiety (1, 2).

These studies below have concluded that in order to benefit from treatment with acupuncture and/or Chinese herbal medicine should be used in the preparation of an IVF cycle, for both the man and woman undergoing treatment.

It is important to note that Chinese Herbal medicine is not used at The Dao Health throughout IVF cycles or when a patient is on scheduled hormone prescriptions. Chinese Herbal Medicine is used to support and regulate the cycle if, and when a patient is having a menstrual cycle off from IVF. 

Regular treatments aim to nourish and support the body and help the overall outcome of a healthy, happy baby.

IDEAL TREATMENT: 3-6months prior to initial cycle, support throughout cycle and monthly through pregnancy.



Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is where a partners’ sperm or donor sperm is injected into the uterus using a catheter, around ovulation. Acupuncture Chinese and herbal medicine can help support the growth and quality of the egg/s.

IDEAL TREATMENT: Commence for both partners 3 months prior to beginning IUI cycle.




When there is male infertility ICSI may be implemented. This technique selects one sperm and injects it into the egg. Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture are used to help supplement the quality of the sperm.

IDEAL TREATMENT: 3 months prior to sperm collection

The Dao Health August 2022 Clinic Update ~

With the recent outbreak of Covid-19, we now recommend wearing a mask to your appointment and when visiting The Dao Health.

We thank you for your understanding. Stay safe!