What can I expect from my initial appointment?
May 5, 2021

How do I book an appointment?

To book an initial consultation and acupuncture treatment, initial women’s health treatment, labour preparation or cosmetic acupuncture treatment, please call the Caringbah clinic or the Paddington clinic.

The Dao Health Caringbah
M: 0403 447 077
E: information@thedaohealth.com.au

The Dao Health Paddington
M: 0434 263 364
E: informationpaddington@thedaohealth.com.au

To book a subsequent consultation and acupuncture treatment, please call the clinic, alternatively, you may book online here: https://thedaohealth.com.au/appointments/ You will receive a confirmation email and text message reminder before your appointment. If you have booked an initial appointment, you will receive two new patient forms in the introductory email, to be filled out prior to your consultation.

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